I am a designer and front-end web developer that focuses on creating unique solutions for the client’s problems. My interest for graphic design began at the end of high school, where I was the kid known for making “cool posters”. That interest grew into a passion when I started studying design in college, but I was also drawn towards other closely related fields. I noticed that web design and web development were becoming more prevalent in my design projects. So I believed that it would be beneficial to learn both skills and allow me to grow my abilities above what a typical graphic designer had. Over the years my expertise in web design and web development has led me to become a great asset for the businesses I’ve worked for. Whether I’m working for a small company and my versatility is needed or for a large company where I can work with a team of designers/developers to create a successful product.

In the end, my goal is to create strong distinguished work that delivers exactly on what the client is looking for.